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Stewie Vader

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Las decisiones tontas (Y peligrosas) de los arquitectos, la habitual chapuza y racanería de la administración y su pasión por pedir presupuestos (O crear comisiones, ejem) para no hacer nada, e incluso el mercado inmobiliario y la terciarización de los centros urbanos…. ¡!Todo ello perfectamente explicado gracias a Stewie Griffin de “Family Guy”, en su papel de Stewie Vader en “Blue Harvest”, el tributo de los autores de la serie a Star Wars!! Autenticas hemorragias de rision.

Adjuntamos a continuación la transcripción para los que no dominan el ingles (Aunque sea bajito y se deje).

Empire Official 1: Any attack made by the Rebels against this station would be a useless gesture. No matter what technical data they’ve obtained. This station is now the ultimate power in the universe.

Stewie Vader: That is faaantastic. Terrific work. So, ¿No weaknesses at all eh?

Empire Officer 1: Mmn-no.

SV: You aahh…. You hesitated there. ¿Is it something I should know?

EO1: No it’s virtually indestructible, like 99.99 percent.

SV: Aaammh.. Ok, Wouldn’t be doing my job if I did’nt ask what’s the point “o” one.

EO1: Well… i.. I mean, there’s this little hole, it was kind of an aesthetic choice by the architect .. aaaand if you shoot a laser into this hole the station blows up.

SV: Woo woo woo wooooo, That sounds like a pretty big design flow there!!

EO1: Nah nah nah, the hole is only two meters across

Adam West (as Grand Moff Tarkin): Well that’s no bigger than a womp rat

EO1: Exactly. And even to get whitin range of it you have to skeem along this whole trench…. Is not a big deal.

SV: Let me know… ¿Can we board it up? Or..uh you know..¿Put some plywood on it or something?

EO1: But that would look terrible!!! I mean we have to think about resale!!

SV: !Resale! ¿What are you talking about? This property is right above sunset, the value is only gonna go up!

EO1: Lord Vader, your inside references to the Los Angeles real state market haven’t given you the clairvoyance to turn a profit on that Condo in Glenndale nor has it.. agggh

SV: I find your lack of faith disturbing. That property is in a prime location, 20’ to the beach, 20’ to downtown…

EO1: [choking] There’s ….nothing… to do….downtown…

AW: Enough of this, Vader release him.

SV: As you wish. All right so ¿We are gonna plug up that hole?

EO2: Yeah, we can get it done tomorrow if price is no object…

SV: Eeeeewwweeeeeeeee……

EO2: We’ll get estimates…

SV: Yeah ha ha ha, get estimates, yeah yeah hahhaa

Written by Jose María Echarte

junio 22, 2010 a 20:00

Publicado en General, humor

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  1. Te ha pasado? 8

    toni Nievas

    junio 22, 2010 at 21:42

  2. Alucinante el enlace, yo robot. ¡Ahí Don Santiago, con dos cojones!


    junio 24, 2010 at 14:00

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